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2014 09 19

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When preparing this album, Hua Chenyu's original thought was to call it Size 40, since this is his own shoe size. The idea behind Size 40 was that a person really doesn't need to take up too much space in the world. After all, you only have two feet, so you only need so much space to stand in. In true Hua Hua fashion, his sentiment is to just "go with the flow"; otherwise, there's no need to make a big fuss. As long as you're standing, your existence is valuable. Later, after receiving the lyrics for the song "Quasimodo's Gift," he changed his mind. He really liked the lyrics to the song, as they were true to the melody. This was the feeling he wanted for the album, so he decided to use the name of the song as the name of the album. He hoped everyone would learn to accept the negative things in life, even the ugliness we may encounter. Since everything has two sides, beauty may be hidden within those negative things. It's just a matter of learning to see both the good and the bad.


Among the ten songs on the album, three were Hua's original compositions; "Why Nobody Fights," "Let You Go," and "Quasimodo's Gift." In addition to composing for this album, Hua also participated in the entire production of the album as well as selected the other seven songs from nearly 20,000 demos. All the songs chosen for this album are connected by the themes of thunder, rain, smoke, dew, light and dreams. The album was produced by Bernard Zheng and production lasted for nine months. Zheng arranged nine of the songs in rock and roll style and he also did the piano and guitar arrangements for the album. The copywriting for Hua Chenyu's first album was prepared by Wu Mengzhi, now a director for Hunan TV.


筹备专辑的时候,华晨宇自己想的专辑名叫《40码》,40码是他自己的鞋码。他觉得一个人不需要拥有太广的天地,因你只有两只40码的脚,只需要站在这么一个位置。顺其自然地活着就很好,因为只要站在这里,你就是存在的,是有价值的。后来拿到同名曲《卡西莫多的礼物》的歌词觉得很喜欢,就是他想要的感觉,与曲的旋律线条也很贴近。专辑也用了这个名字,希望大家学会接受那些所谓表面不好的东西,因为他们可能也会有它的美的点在里面。任何的事物都是有两面性的,学会看到它好的一面。 "


在專輯的十首歌曲中,有三首是他為了這個專輯原創的,其中包括《Why Nobody Fightsss》,《Let You Go》和《卡西莫多的禮物》。除了為這張專輯作曲,他也參與了這張專輯的全程製作,也在近2萬個demo當中選取了7個收錄進他的專輯裡。专辑的制作历时9个月。整张专辑制作人是郑楠,他为其中9首歌曲编曲,既有国际摇滚的风格,也有最简洁深情的钢琴版和吉他版本。

1 Why Nobody Fights
2 Glimmer / 微光
3 Let You Go
4 Ashes From Fireworks / 烟火里的尘埃
5 Bomb Squad / 拆弹专家
6 Traveling / 环游
7 We Are All Lonely / 我们都是孤独的
8 Immortal / 不朽
9 Quasimodo's Gift / 卡西莫多的礼物
10 Bed Time Story / 枕边故事

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