"Traveling" is one of several songs chosen by Hua Chenyu which were composed by the Danish band, Dúné. He liked their songs so much that he actually chose four for his first album.

The vocals, sound effects, and instrumentation come together to make "Traveling" sound ethereal, transparent, and psychedelic; as though traveling in outer space. The lyrics describe a journey through life where Hua Chenyu encourages listeners to follow that journey with courage and youthful vitality. The song conveys the positive energy of youth, a new generation of rock style in comparison to the previous heavy and rather angry expression of the former generation.

The studio version incorporates a multitude of electronic sound effects, and although perhaps not as popular as "Ashes From Fireworks" or "I Don’t Care," "Traveling" is an extremely challenging song to sing with a wide range and many different transitions from one register to another.

《环游》 这首歌使用了大量的电子音效,以一种不受限制的想象的旅游之心,环游地球,行走人生旅程。 华晨宇在歌中表达出积极明亮的生命态度,鼓励听歌的歌迷勇敢生活,保持阳光般的心态,歌曲正能量十分充足。

《Traveling》Hua Chenyu Mars Concert 20160821

环游 华晨宇2016上海演唱会


《Traveling》 Composer: Dúné Lyricists: Changyou Meizhihui, Liu Yuan Arrangers: Dúné, Bernard Zheng I stand at a crowded intersection Listening to the crowd's endless quarrels Arguing over pointless excuses Arguing over going left or right I travel around this planet Watching how time fiddles with hourglasses I don't want to standstill I stride forward Striding towards brilliance Fly on both feet Never tire Soaring, a tenacious flower bud Fly boldly Without sorrows What a bright world The other shore falls in love with searching Yet the sky falls in love with running How dare we fall asleep How dare we complain This life is an endless journey Chasing is in the future of the future Let's see who will concede Let's see who will halt their steps I will stay all the way Fly bravely Embrace and kiss the rain Soaring upwind makes the flight more cherished Fly gloriously Embrace and kiss this enchantment An unwavering flower bud Soaring blossoms A blaze in the sky Few words are uttered This proud silence If the march never backs off Then dreams will not fall down The self that flies Fly bravely Embrace and kiss the rain Soaring upwind makes the flight more cherished Fly gloriously Embrace and kiss the enchantment An unwavering flower bud Translated by Hua Chenyu English Subs
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