Salt of the Earth


"Salt of the Earth" is composed by Hua Chenyu, the lyrics by Xiao Junfeng and Dai Yuedong. As the first song of Hua Chenyu's for public welfare, he admitted that this is not only "the tragedy song for human being", but also "the love letter to the earth".

In the process of filling in the lyrics, Hua Chenyu's original abstractive idea made many words difficult to fit. The lyricist Xiao Junfeng, came up with the form of Hua Chenyu's dialogue with God in the main song. "Abandoned trauma, did he see?" neglected sorrow, did he hear it? Silent prayer, does he know? A child without a home, will he take care of him? "The word "he" chosen here is the "God" that the singer wants to talk to ("He" means a third-person pronoun for "God"), this kind of continuous platoon questioning and complaining sent questions and complaints straight into the depths of the life.

Hua Chenyu was shocked when he saw those lyrics, those were what he wanted to say but couldn’t express by himself, fully in line with his original intention. The lyrics of the anthem was written by Dai Yuedong, to express the singer's desire to change the reality. Dai Yuedong thought of the documentary [the salt of the earth] by Wim. Wenders and Julia no. Salgado.

“The Salt of the Earth" is originally comes from "Salt and Light" in Chapter 5.2 of the Gospel of New Testament, and Jesus praises his disciples as the light of the salt of the earth, the place of positive will, symbolizing compassion and hope. This final part showed a clean soul, after reading the human greed which gave birth to the death of grief, chose to return to the nature. After the new elements were added to the instrument during the production process, the song was sent to the United States for late-stage mixing and completed the revision of the multi-version mix.



副歌的歌词则是特约代岳东来填写,表达歌者积极的要去改变现实的态度。代岳东联想到Wim·Wenders和Juliano·Salgado的纪录片《地球之盐》。地球之盐"The Salt of the Earth"语出《新约·马太福音》第5章第二节《盐和光》,耶稣称赞自己的门徒是大地之盐世间之光,是积极的旨意所在,象征悲悯以及希望。最终代岳东一气呵成,展现了一个清洗灵魂,阅尽世间人类贪性催生的罹难悲苦后,选择回归自然的积极故事。


《Salt of the Earth》Hua Chenyu Mars Concert 20160916

地球之盐 华晨宇2016深圳演唱会

《Salt of the Earth》Hua Chenyu Mars Concert 20180908

地球之盐 华晨宇2018北京演唱会


《The Salt of the Earth》 地球之盐 Composer: Hua Chenyu Lyricists: Xiao Junfeng, Dai Yuedong Arranger: Bernard Zheng Forgotten traumas Can He see them? Neglected sorrows Can He hear them? Silent prayers Does He know? Homeless children Does He care? Does He understand? Does He feel? Does He realize? Who can tell me? Trafficked lives Can He see them? Witnessed gunshots Can He hear them? Elephants' tears Does He know? Whales's cries Does he empathize? Does he sympathize? Does He condone? Does He answer? Does He.... I wish More happiness upon the world Even if pain tears at my heart I wish to use my own eyes To exchange for the color of love I wish to use my embrace To warm all that is cold I wish for happiness to befall Even if it is too heavy for me to bear I wish to use my own smile To draw a mark on joy I wish to use my own tears To carve coordinates of compassion I wish to use the rest of my life To exchange for shining stars at night I wish to open my arms To give the world an embrace I wish He would hear I wish He would hear / My heartbeat No matter how insignificant I wish the world would hear I wish the world would hear / My heartbeat No matter how insignificant Translated by Hua Chenyu English Subs
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