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Preparations for album "H" began at the end of 2015. When working on this album, what Hua Chenyu wanted most was development. Six of the eight songs in the album were composed by Hua Chenyu. H is not only the initial letter of Hua Chenyu's surname "Hua", but also the initial letter of his nickname "Huahua" and the initial letter of "Huo" for Hua Chenyu fan group "Martian (Huo Xing Ren)". In addition, in this album there are two tracks "Here We Are" and "My Skateboard Shoes 2016(Hua Ban Xie)" also contain the letter H. Hua Chenyu felt that there is a sense of serendipity between 2016 and this letter, so he named the album "H".

The album "H" covers New Age, pop, rock, ballad, rap, etc., with a vast variety of genres and excellent quality. Aurally, it allows the audience to switch between different categories, bringing the audience a unique Hua Chenyu with each song. The album is on a custom USB drive, in the shape of letters "H", "C", "Y", representing Hua Chenyu’s logo. The simple and elegant design of the cover is in black and white, and the ink-splashing "fingerprint"-like graffiti lines illustrate Hua Chenyu's versatile musical style.

《H》于2015年底开始筹备,在做这张专辑的时候,华晨宇最希望的还是寻求变化,八首歌曲中的六首均由华晨宇作曲。H不仅是华晨宇姓“华”的首字母,也是听众对其昵称“花花”的首字母和华晨宇歌迷团体“火星人”中“火”的首字母。此外,专辑中两首华晨宇比较满意的曲目《Here We Are》《我的滑板鞋2016》也都含有字母H,华晨宇觉得2016年跟这个字母很有缘分,于是就将专辑取名为《H》

《H》的曲风涵盖New Age、pop、摇滚、抒情、说唱等,风格多变,品质精良,在听觉上让听众在不同的曲风中切换,给听众带来一个首首不同的华晨宇。《H》在优盘的外形设计上充满惊喜,突破传统优盘形状,让歌迷感受到独特浓郁的华晨宇符号,把“华晨宇元素”发挥到立体感淋漓尽致。《H》的封面,简洁大气的黑白风延续了时尚感,封面随意的黑白线条也极具设计感,泼墨式的“指纹”状涂鸦线条诠释华晨宇的多变音乐风


1 Giant Deer 巨鹿
2 Creator 造物者
3 Here We Are
4 To Be Free
5 For Forever
6 Vanishing Yesterday 消失的昨天
7 Miles Away From Loneliness 我离孤单几公里
8 My Skateboard Shoes 2016 我的滑板鞋2016

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