Giant Deer

"Giant Deer" is the first song composed by Hua Chenyu for this album in early 2016. The song was inspired by a peculiar dream. In the dream, Hua Chenyu ran all the way through the darkness and reached a white world. There he saw a group of white angels dancing and playing. He woke up in the middle of night and wrote this song in the dark. Hua Chenyu communicated specially with Dai Yuedong, and felt the story could be expressed well in an anthropomorphic way. Dai Yuedong finally chose the symbolic purity "Giant Deer" as the lyrics image, because "Giant Deer" itself represents "weird dream".

In order to maintain the sanctity and ethereal inspiration of the song, Zheng Nan specially recruited a string band of more than 40 members for accompaniment. The harmony in the song is all from Hua Chenyu's vocals. Hua Chenyu also deliberately adopted an abnormal harmony singing method. "Giant Deer" begins with a piano solo, and then joined with wind instruments, from quiet to crescendo and then back to quiet, the continuous changes of multiple groups of high notes and harmony create a beautiful and holy atmosphere.


《Giant Deer》

Mars Concert Beijing 2017/10/14 华晨宇 巨鹿


《Giant Deer》 巨鹿 Composer: Hua Chenyu Lyricist: Dai Yuedong Arranger: Bernard Zheng In the universe Have I surpassed the speed of light? Hiding behind the Milky Way Who would find me? A strange dream Canters across the night sky Like a Giant Deer in the darkness Run Chasing the sunlight Running afar Fly Waving both arms Turning them into wings I seek to cross the endless void Unbound by reality I yearn to leave for another nation And dance with the shooting stars Run Chasing the sunlight Running afar Fly Waving both arms Turning them into wings Turning them into wings Translated by Hua CHenyu English Subs
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