For Forever


"For Forever" is a song that Hua Chenyu created just for his concert, he made that decision at the Beijing "Mars Concert" in 2016. Hua specially invited American singer Ruiyan Mijiaer to write the lyrics. According to the melody of the song, Ruiyan Mijiaer improvised the entire English lyric in one go. While the standard English pronunciation became the biggest challenge for Hua Chenyu, he completed the recording of the song in English under the guidance of Ruiyan Mijiaer.

The lyrics have a touch of sadness, while the brisk drum rhythm on the arrangement is the backbone and soul of the song. In B1 section,the triple tone at the end of each sentence advances layer after layer, giving the whole song a unique style. Section C is even more interesting. The bouncting "Oh" intervenes with the drum beats in the repeated chorus, making the overwhelming chorus sound amazing. Classical main chords, transparent falsetto, occasionally raging guitars together with gentle and delicate vocal bring comfort and joy to the listeners

《For Forever》是华晨宇专门为自己的火星演唱会所作。在7月2日的北京“火星演唱会”上,华晨宇决定创作一首自己演唱会专属的,像《Why Nobody Fights》一样有着简单但令人不厌倦的旋律,并且更加明亮、欢乐的合唱歌曲。这首歌邀请美国歌手瑞彦迷嘉尔MIKHAÉL作词,“But if forever lasts till now, alright.”瑞彦迷嘉尔根据歌曲旋律即兴写作,一气呵成写出了《For Forever》的全英文歌词。 这是华晨宇首次用全英文录音,所幸瑞彦迷嘉尔中文十分流利,在瑞彦迷嘉尔的指导下进录音棚录制,很少说英文的华晨宇也得到老师的称赞,表示华晨宇发音学习速度很快

《For Forever》歌词有着淡淡的忧伤,编曲上轻松的鼓节奏是该曲的骨架与灵魂。B1段每句尾巴的三重音层层推进,让整首歌有了独特的曲式。C段更加有趣,跳动的"Oh"随鼓点介入重复的大合唱中,让排山倒海的合唱显得奇妙不已。古典韵味的主和弦,通透的假声,偶尔肆虐的吉他以及温柔细腻的声音,给听众带去舒心和愉悦

《For Forever》

Mars Concert Shanghai 2016

《For Forever》

Nanchang Meiling Music Festival 2018/09/22 华晨宇 南昌梅岭音乐节


《For Forever》 花花愛我 Composer: Hua Chenyu Lyricist: Mikhael Arranger: Bernard Zheng I told him I told him some things never last forever Sometimes they do but not forever And now I see for real I think I really do but never For Forever As I can see the world around me I feel it deep within my bones I feel it here within my soul my poor lost soul It makes me so hysterical The way things go But if forever lasts till now Alright Oh Oh Oh ~~ Up in the morning light The break of dawn A never-ending memory Rays of the sun flow down like always If you could change the world Would you make all the things That stay here For Forever That might just be the way I'm feeling I feel it deep, deep in my bones I feel it shake throughout my soul this poor lost soul It makes me so hysterical The way things go But if forever lasts till now Alright Oh Oh Oh~~ And if forever lasts till now Alright Translated by Hua Chenyu English Subs
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