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In his new album "新世界NEW WORLD", Hua Chenyu eloquently expressed through his music, three new viewpoints of the world.

Embracing Humanity's Inherent Kindness

Despite us witnessing the rise of Hua Chenyu like an eagle piercing the clouds through the past three years, unfortunately, life has not been too kind to him. He had experienced the ebb and flow of the darkness of the human heart and found himself in the abyss, but would learn to mature and grow stronger against all odds. It is during these times that we often learn to compromise by sacrificing our purity for growth and maturity, but Hua Chenyu still chose to treat the world with kindness. As many ancient philosophers once said, "Most life in the universe acts out of instinct. The propensity for kindness is a testament to humans' ability to reach a state of balance with nature through self-reflection. The "intent" for kindness is a representation of humanity's strength!"

All-Encompassing Love

Hua Chenyu’s new album expresses the concept of the all-encompassing love as he intends to embrace the equality between all living beings. From exploring the relationship between humans and the environment to drawing attention to social issues like depression, Hua stresses on the importance of loving oneself and loving others to make a world a better place.

Broadening Horizons

This new album serves as a microcosm of Hua Chenyu's worldview, in which he gained through his life experiences. He possesses a sensitivity and keen understanding of his surroundings that he can express through music, this ability born perhaps from his extremely lonely childhood. Six years since his debut, he has matured from the young adult who could only express his inner world through music to the confident artist breaking traditional mainstream conventions to walk his own path."I look forward to the (Chinese) music industry and its composers and artists catching up with the pace of the music of the world, developing a higher taste in music together with the audience. But first, we the composers would need to lead the way in making new music before guiding the audience to listen to them." Overall, Hua Hua's new album "New World" is an exhilarating experience that can take us to many places, from the depths of despair and to the soaring heights of paradise. Through each song, his voice cries out for the darkness of humanity, proclaims hope in spite of all , but most importantly, it comforts and soothes the soul to teach it how to love again. We hope that this musical voyage is a special and awe-inspiring one. Welcome on board!

Hua's voice roams around the universe. It cries, shouts, and also soothes. Unbridled as the wind, it seeps through our seemingly impenetrable psyche, relentlessly breaks its shell, and invades it surreptitiously. We can't hope to ever root it out again. It grows in our hearts as if it came from there, to begin with. It's the meeting of primitive complementary forces that have been separated long and nothing can subdue this will, this longing for their reunion.

We can only conclude that the appearance of this alien kid is the resurfacing of our negated selves. His alienness is our collective suppressed alter-ego. It's bizarre and logical, emotional and rational, contradictory and harmonious at the same time. We can't really pinpoint what it is in him that enchants us so deeply because it constantly sinks below or barely floats on the surface of our subconsciousness.

While we're unable to sort out a theme from this ramble, we just know that we want to soar with Hua when he sings that “rising and falling are illusions”, “light and dark are illusions”, “coming and going are illusions”, and he will “smile as I view all things as illusions”. Obviously his new world is beyond illusions and in this new world, he will “be as drunk as I wish” and “be as free as I wish as I turn and stand on top of a mountain”. In the cooling breeze at that height, things in our mundane world will recede to their proper proportion and no longer loom large as if they dictate our lives. Who wouldn't want to indulge in that moment of pure liberation? A moment liberated from the illusions of up and down, gain or loss, give or take, popularity or obscurity, the contingencies of the phenomenal world that dissipate as quickly as the smoke which will absolutely leave no traces behind.

The ultimate concealed wound of our life is that we are manipulated by unknown forces that we can't understand and get a grip on, a life that's only bearable by numbness and trivialization. As a result, it's kind of boring and lonely. We are not meant to live complacently in such trivialities. By going against our natural inclinations, our collective anxiety manifests as pettiness, hostility, and stubbornness which is as depressing and demoralizing as a madhouse. We are drowning and the more we struggle with sensationalism and materialism as a defense, the more guilt will surface into our psyche.

But what is our natural inclination? I would say it's the will to control our own fate and that requires us to see through the illusions of life.

Illusions created by past impressions and current random events. We need to sort out which illusions are bygone, concurrent, transient, and eternal. All of these require us to frequently lift ourselves above the ground, to climb up to the top of the mountain to see better. The view up there is broad and wide. I think that is the new world of Hua Chenyu. It's his new world and it's also ours, our shared new world which is magnificent, serene, breathtaking, and refreshing. Up there, we can regain our sense of control for at least a moment and get the respite we desperately need before diving back to the dizzying and dazzling world down below so that we are not forever controlled by the phantoms that really don't matter to us.

In the song “New World”, Hua tells us that “I am the only serious one.” We have to ask, “Serious about what?” Is he just serious about music? I think it goes beyond music because he has said on numerous occasions that music is relatable to philosophy, cosmology, psychology, math, and many other aspects of life. In other words, he is serious about the general truth of life.

We know that Hua has a ball of fire within, which propels him to pierce through the illusions and seek the truth. This ball of fire can easily burn him and cause excruciating pain. But it's also inspiring in the sense that it magnifies the intensity of everything in life so much more. He lends red a deeper shade of crimson; blue, a more potent hue of the navy; white, a heightened sense of glow; flirtation, an extra load of fun; pain, a higher level of severity; criticism, a bit more poignancy; and care, an additional degree of warmth. Amid the bland days of our life that fritter away like crumbling pigments on an old oil painting, his passionate love and struggles make life so much more vivid as if it has gained a more profound significance and is worth a closer examination. His ritualistic tendencies (even videos have to be released at particular times) makes it feel as if every second of our life counts and has a meaning.

Even if it reveals the pain and raw emotions because it’s ultimately inspiring and uplifting no matter how much it seems as if we want to shun heavy-hearted topics. We really do need this seriousness, because in it there lies something grand, and this grandness is the defining character of Hua Chenyu’s New World.

晨违三年华晨宇最新创作专辑 《新世界NEW WORLD》 走出孤独的房间拥抱全新的世界 创作改造音乐新三观:大爱观/向善观/世界观


这张新专辑《新世界NEW WORLD》可以听见花花想要表达的音乐新三观:





斗牛–斗牛 作为华晨宇第四张个人专辑《新世界NEW WORLD》的终极主打歌,<斗牛>用一份不一样的哲思视角,表达了对人与自然关系的探讨,对生命与自然力量的敬畏。这是一首回归自然的仪式感,传达包容与大爱的歌。

七重人格–分裂 《新世界NEW WORLD》的极致单曲<七重人格>,华晨宇再度突破自我,展现大气基调,以七段曲风,七种音色,体验了七种极致人生。宿命翻涌成结,一念花开不败。

新世界– NEW WORLD <新世界>创作于华晨宇出道的第五年,是他进入全新阶段的总结。这首作品词曲磅礴,意义深远,承载着华晨宇对音乐与人生独到的思考。落后独自立于于山巅的豁达通透之意。旋律呈现出感性与理性的胶着,顿悟后的豁然开朗,以及不羁中的万物包容。值得一提的是,华晨宇在歌曲中首次以人声拟晨声,埙是中国最古老的吹奏乐器之一,音色朴拙抱素独为天籁。华晨宇用人声拟代埙声,暗喻着冲破樊笼,不畏高飞的自由与反叛,声声吟唱如拨开迷雾般开阔自由,暴风Rap以雷霆万钧之势撞击心脏,星点旋律与歌者极富穿透力的嗓音相融相契。更借音乐开辟出了一片浑然天成的自我乾坤,打造出空远壮美的意境。

  1. Bullfight 鬥牛
  2. Really Want to Love This World 好想愛這個世界啊
  3. Madhouse 瘋人院
  4. Conversations With Martian Child 與火星的孩子對話
  5. Seven Personalities 七重人格
  6. God Tree 神樹
  7. Arrival 降臨
  8. A New World 新世界

  1. Seek 尋
  2. I'm Boring 無聊人
  3. Qi-Tian (Equal to Heaven) 齊天
  4. IQ 250 智商二五零
  5. Jackdaw Boy 寒鴉少年
  6. Candle 蠟燭 DEMO

"New World" Trailer

Hua Chenyu's 4th Album 華晨宇第四張專輯

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