Seven Personalities / Split


The ultimate single of Hua Chenyu’s fourth album "新世界NEW WORLD" is . Once again, Hua Chenyu breaks through his limits to present the composition made up of seven genres, seven tones, seven atmospheres that brings to listeners seven powerful experiences in the span of a single song. once again broke through himself, showing the atmosphere of the tone, and experienced seven extreme lives with seven genres and seven sounds. "Under the immense heaven and earth, specks of dust are born." Fate is a series of misleading veils and dead ends, but the flower blooms at the whim of a will that never falters and eyes that only see the truth.

《新世界NEW WORLD》的極致單曲<七重人格>,華晨宇再度突破自我,展現大氣基調,以七段曲風,七種音色,體驗了七種極致人生。宿命翻湧成結,一念花開不敗。

《Seven Personalities / Split》Mars Concert Fanmade 20191117 Shanghai, China

《Seven Personalities / Split》Mars Concert Fanmade 20191117 Shanghai, China

《Seven Personalities / Split》Singer 2020

《Seven Personalities / Split》New Year's Eve Gala 2020


《Seven Personalities / Split》 七重人格 Composer: Hua Chenyu Lyricist: Lyu Yiqiu Arranger:Bernard Zheng/Hua Chenyu Producer:Bernard Zheng Night befalls and insects chirp See a robin in the sky fly by The sparrow outside the window For whom does it mourn? Shut up! If all time is unrecorded leaving not a trace behind If all ancient books turn blank how could the past be portrayed? If numbness is to be exposed wounds will bleed afresh If a man can tamper with his cruel and doomed fate, stamped at birth [Auṃ maṇi padme hūṃ] the six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra [ Auṃ maṇi padme hūṃ ] the six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra Ancient Present Heaven Earth When the Great Chaos first dissipated clarity, turbidity, black and white were distinguished birthed specks of dust Ecstasy Anger Joy Sorrow Flourish and decay in endless cycles Right and wrong, victory and defeat alternate Hundreds of mundane lifeforms in eons of Samsara The eternal The bygone The existing The unknown From antiquity to future ages prosperity eventually fades All things bloom with a single move of my thoughts The great Chaos transforms in thousands of incarnations `Tis none other than this `Tis none other than this Let me dictate It's up to me to dictate All shall vanish and leave only that completely unrestrained self Who stands in the torrid storm and DOES! NOT! HIDE! Bearing unhealed wounds I dash to the battle on the verge of losing control For the FI! NAL! ES! CAPE! For snatching back the lost freedom I am willing to turn into a beast If the truth is entirely buried no words are uttered If men could accept succumbing to these predestined, doomed fates [ Auṃ maṇi padme hūṃ ] the six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra [ Auṃ maṇi padme hūṃ ] the six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra When tranquility arrives once more oh how beautiful is this scenery Even stars doth tumble and perish Utterly pitch-black Like a puzzle I have lost a piece with such glaring blankness Endlessly ruing, till I...have completely...LOST...MYSELF! Translated by Hua Chenyu English Subs
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