The Theme song for《Divas Hit the Road 3》It's a song about Seeking.

I went to the desert to find the well-hidden heart I went to the jungle to find the long-lost land I went to the wilderness and valley to see the sunset and the sunrise I see the starry sky is to find the relationship between people

The whole program was about "Seeking", so the song was finally named "Seek"

Hua Chenyu called this song "Love Work of 2017". During the recording process, he took every detail seriously. He recorded this song from 4 pm to 3 am.

From each word's pronunciation to each line's singing method. In order to achieve the best feeling of the song's artistic conception and hearing. The lyrics are different from the conventional form of Chinese songs in the past. Modification to achieve the best auditory effect. Until the middle of the night, Hua Chenyu still insisted on meticulously recording the harmony of one track, and even selected each audio track for the first time. Finally showing us the ethereal temperament of the song.


去到沙漠,是为了寻找砂砾的心中深藏的井 去到丛林,是为了寻找久违的大地 去到荒原和山谷,是为了寻找日落再看日出像刀一样升起 去看星空,是为了寻找人和人之间的关系



The Making of the Theme Song of Divas Hit the Road S3


《Seek》Demo Version

Hua Chenyu's always using a special humming way to make his demo.


OST for "Divas Hit the Road" Traveling live show.


Mars Concert 2017 华晨宇火星演唱会


Official MV 2017


Hunan TV New Year Countdown Concert 2018


The Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 湖南卫视中秋之夜


Samsung Galaxy Night 2018/06/07


《Seek》 寻 Theme Song for Divas Hit the Road S3 Composer: Hua Chenyu Lyricist: Shi He Producer: Bernard Zheng If there are no winds nor waves by our pillow How is it that we would tumble and sway? Without the darkness of moonless nights How can stars shine so bright? Footsteps may fade, yet dreams will continue The sun is still far away, yet it will be there forever When dawn arrives, we will find the most beautiful wishes How long will good times last? Along the road, there is still a faint fragrance Under the dimming sky, I can still feel a cooling breeze How vast is the world? Behind us, there is still home Seek a path Let us fly Let us fly Undulating like a song The scenery on the road shifts and turns Dialogues among millions Are replaced with one word: "Wait!" I cannot see through black and white But I can hear pendulum swinging Venturing into a new world I am my own heart's companion My own heart's companion When the wind blows past Which way are you looking for in the sunset? I have so many words to say Yet turning around, I only see a barren desert Alone, it is hard not to be consumed by wanderlust Somehow, it had turned into a riddle of the self The best journeys instill within us the shape of love How long will good times last? Along the road, there is still a faint fragrance Under the dimming sky, I can still feel a cooling breeze How vast is the world? Behind us, there's still home As long as you are by my side Let us fly Let us fly In my dreams of flowers, I see you sitting down Holding my hands, you led me to sleep in the vastness of the mountain After all, a lifetime is only so long We should try to leave our marks in the world Let us fly Let us fly Like a song, the trip along the road is ever changing We are exploring Return yesterday's joys and sorrows to earth I'll be home when the next spring arrives To love like a youth Let's finish our story and grow up Grow up Grow up Translated by Hua Chenyu English Subs
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