I'm Boring


The song was composed by Hua Chenyu; it was arranged and produced by Zheng Nan; the lyrics were written by Pei Yu. The song continues the popular rap with progressive reinforced rap and some Rock, criticizing the false and contradictory lifestyle of the real society in the name of "boring people"("I’m Boring"). Hua Chenyu’s rap style. This is the 27-year-old # 华晨宇 # wrote to his own advanced life Flow! When the boring man sings boring music, he returns to realism and criticizes without any concern. Abandoning the vicious attitude of a hothead, the naked clamoring chanting, the change of multiple timbre and span of the tone, let the original gray emotions of life be vented.

"With the growth of age, under the pressure of life, many people see through the powerless and self-willed reality, survival, and hypocrisy of the fittest and greet, there will be a feeling of being unable to keep up. I wrote this song to see what would happen if there is no one around. "This is 27-year-old Hua Chenyu who wrote about his own advanced life Flow. "I'm Boring" vents the gray emotions of life to the fullest.

"How many people are able to understand the emptiness in their hearts, they just live in the moment till they die." "Surely a fool is happy to consume his enthusiasm, and you can earn probation of splattering if you play a stupid play. Afraid of being caught but haven’t yet. It is the stimulus you always seek." The lyrics lively dissect the truth you already know but avoid to mention, and criticize the absurd and hypocritical "adult world " from the perspective of a bystander. "I’m Boring" was named by Hua Chenyu personally. The change of multiple timbre and range of spans inherited his unique popular hard-core rap style. The lyrics exhaled the original gray emotions of life. Zheng Nan’s way of merging the style brings unlimited development opportunities for Hua Chenyu's rap and the cooperation between the two created a fresh and strong sense for the audience.





《I'm Boring》Hua Chenyu 2017 Mars Concert

華晨宇 火星演唱會

《I'm Boring》


《I'm Boring》 无聊人 Composer: Hua Chenyu Lyricist: Pei Yu Arranger: Bernard Zheng I'm chewing the most expensive dinner Too bad I don't care enough for the bill Trying to please everyone is not a good habit Why not try and act like no one's around? Finally I am able to take off the lavish clothing More like I've unloaded the cumbersome gold bricks Good or not, I can tell with one look Don't have to learn to dress like the royals There's too much nonsense that has nothing to do with feelings Too many actions rooted from our environment Just like an adolescent punished by adults in the excuse of forcing the fifteen-year-old heart to be more rational than that of an adult Those sayings, we've heard since childhood Yet we still can't disobey fate when we grow up It's not that it's hard to follow the lessons But rather that reality is too cruel How many people can understand the "Empty Mirror" in the mind? Life has added nothing but age I grasp in my hands what is unattainable to others Mocking myself while despising the filthy If truth ruins the mood Then I'd rather shut up instead of telling lies Looking down on those shady deals Like traps for drugs That make people's head spin on full speed at any moment How to maintain a clear mind when you're all crazy about fishing in troubled waters? Pretend to be serious Wearing a sheep’s skin to carry out your mission Fools who believe it waste their passion restlessly Actors who pretend to be fools Have you earned a probation from those useless words? The fear of being exposed right before it happens That is exactly the excitement you wanted I'm Boring I just want to be alone, no need to talk I'm Boring I just want to be alone, no need to smile I want to gaze at the twinkling stars And sing "Twinkle twinkle" like other classmates But my eyes are filled with the roar of the hypocritical world I still have so much to do, so many songs to listen to Yet I nest in the sofa making boring commentaries Friends always curse about the unfairness of the world when drunk The ridiculous combination reminds me of the past When my parents finally separated and me holding my school report, pretending to be calm Old man, the money you carry Was it for business or for travel? Just vent I've finally found the way to survive There are always those that talk pretty yet walk away as deserters Is it really good to burn the bridges you've just past through? As long as one lives, one has to get used to the suspending case My head is full of faces vying for spotlight Fine I've seen enough selfish aims And stiff relationships I've heard enough white lies and pretentious sophistry The so-called character Is not the ambiguity of upbringing Someone explain why the "good man" pass became so fashionable As though getting it determines one’s nature I'm Boring I just want to be alone, no need to talk I'm Boring I just want to be alone, no need to smile I'm chewing the most expensive dinner Too bad I don't care enough for the bill Trying to please everyone is not a good habit Why not try and act like no one's around? Translated by Hua Chenyu English Subs
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