Qi-Tian / Equal to Heaven


Theme Song of the Movie Wu Kong




《Qi-Tian / Equal to Heaven》Official MV

《齐天》MV 電影悟空傳主題曲

《Qi-Tian / Equal to Heaven》Mars Concert 20171014

《Qi-Tian / Equal to Heaven》Singer 2018

《Qi-Tian / Equal to Heaven》Come Sing With Me S3 EP8


《Qi-Tian / Equal to Heaven》Hunan TV New Year Countdown Concert 2018

湖南卫视跨年演唱会 华晨宇《齐天》

《Qi-Tian / Equal to Heaven》Zhejiang TV 20190713



《Qi-Tian / Equal to Heaven》 齐天 Theme Song of the Movie Wu Kong Composer: Hua Chenyu Lyricists: Ding Yanxue, Jin Hezai, Fang Hao Arranger: Bernard Zheng Sun and moon are recurring Who has commanded Qi Tian To let go of gratitude and grudges? Love and hate string together I cannot escape from the fingertips Fingertips (of Buddha) under the vast sky May I ask, what are life, death, or karma? Wherefore was I born? Why have you brought me forth Yet will not answer my doubts? You said: "Become a Buddha at this instant" If I become a Buddha Will there be no demons in this world? Who can tell me? Look, the sandstorm blocked the sun and enveloped the world in dust The moon above Heaven's Palace is no different from that above Mount Huaguo I won my first battle with glory and fame Yet you tried to catch me with inescapable nets You won without honor I could not dodge hidden arrows So many daybreaks have slipped away unnoticed The ending and truth remain elusive as I tread forward Fragrance of peach blossoms persists in my dreams Yet it can not resist your trickery The truth of black and white is waiting for the daybreak Can it directly write down your natural talent (for trickery)? Daggers and blades were out of sheath Dragons and phoenixes collapsed as kylins fell Flight of jade steps shattered at the swing of my golden cudgel (Qi Tian's weapon) There is no chance for regret Over a thousand years and in this universe Only my golden cudgel is left Why have my victories ended in loneliness? Whose name was whispered by the wind in my dreams I said, "Excuse me," but there is no way I would admit defeat Treading across the Southern Heaven I sware upon mountains and rivers Till the end of the world Who was young and wild? Who could give me a belief? Spring had not ended The moon was shining I wanted to bother you Unfortunately, the wind blew early I missed my chance The dawn was just breaking The constricting headband had not been forged I can still smile Love, hate, worries and fear fogged my eyes Thunders of thousands of soldiers shook the world But they still could not confine me Millions of heavenly warriors advanced and spread Don't even think about my surrender You cannot decide the victor of this battle The Heaven's Palace was turned upside down with one swing of my cudgel To hell with fate I choose my own destiny I want these mountains to move away from my inroads I want these waters to part to make way for my returning path I want heaven and earth to yield to me The world shatters at the tip of my cudgel You picked up a flower with a smile The sky was filled with dusk clouds I once cried, laughed, loved, hated, obsessed and went mad What is left that I can not let go of? I want these absurd rules to end as a farce One day, under heaven and earth The stone heart (of Qi Tian) was caught in a paradox The so-called "nothingness" is the exile at where we came from Tide rises and falls It occurs that "nothingness" is the so-called "Great Sage Equal to Heaven" Translated by Hua Chenyu English Subs
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