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Hua Chenyu the first singer that doesn't care the results but just wanted to express his self-growth through the performances on this stage. If you could watch from EP4 that would be a great experience to see how a singer shows his rendition talent and versatile styles thoroughly. Hua Chenyu said : Actually, each song I sang in Singer2018 reflects a different mountain in the uphill battle of personal growth.
◆ "Qi Tian" => My arrival;
◆ "Child" => My childhood;
◆ "Nunchucks" => My arrogance;
◆ "I Don't Care" => My apathy;
◆ "Flammable and Explosive" => The world's conflicting expectations of me;
◆ "Wayfarer" => My disappointment after opening up to the world;
◆ "Fake Monk" => My inner struggle and salvation;
◆ "Ordinary Path" => Clenching my teeth to face myself;
◆ "I Am What I Am" => Finding myself.
◆ The last song after I have scaled to the mountaintop is "Shout" => surpassing myself.


Singer 2018 EP4 华晨宇《齐天》


Singer 2018 EP5 华晨宇《孩子》


Hua Chenyu Singer 2018 EP6 华晨宇《双節棍》

《I Don't Care》

Singer 2018 EP7 华晨宇《我管你》

《Flammable and Explosive》

Singer 2018 EP8 华晨宇《易燃易爆炸》


Singer 2018 EP9 华晨宇《山海》

《Fake Monk》

Singer 2018 EP10 华晨宇《假行僧》

[Fake Monk] is composed by Cui Jian in his album [Rock and Roll on the Road of New Long March] in 1989. It is one of the Chinese Rock classics that had been covered by many singers.

In Buddhism, ascetics monks are usually wanderers withdrawn from the world for their practices in search of enlightenment. They have strong faith but are generally loners who are not understood by society. The title of the song [Fake Monk] suggests a loner who has not to find his/her path.

The original singer, Cui Jian, is quite determined in spelling out his “don’t care” attitude towards phony emotions and relationships. In the original arrangement, a Chinese traditional instrument, Zither, was used in a unique way to further enhance a sense of mocking and carefreeness.

Hua Chen Yu talked about his original intent in an interview. He said that it is a rather personal expression of his childhood struggles with loneliness. He wanted to use this kind of “Negative Expression” to call for attention to lonely children who may refuse care and love from the outside, but are eager for them inside.

Hua’s performance is completely different from that of Cui. He opened the song with a wary and flat tone to express the anguish of the role. The eerie laughter after the verse:” If you had fallen in love me, then please kiss my lips,” is like a mock towards himself. One can not help wondering, is there really such a person or is it just the lonely boy’s imagination?

In the second segment of the song, the lyrics are sung with a crying voice. The long flat tone at the end drags out like a Shrek. The vibrato at the end of the flat tone is like the echo at the end of the world. Hua used his voice to paint a cold, dark, and empty world.

The ensuing Accelerando and Crescendo in piano playing brought the song into a conclusion of screaming as that of a falling and struggling soul. Everything is collapsed and shredded at that point, and the world came to a stop.

Just when the audience was gradually making sense of what had just happened, Hua gathered himself and brought the song back to a scene similar to the opening of the song. In this unbreakable cycle of despair and anger, one can still sense a stubbornness of the role in his determination and eagerness for life.

Hua’s performance is creatively rich in depicting the emotional development of the role. It tears open a dark and painful world of his past that deeply shocks the audience, which can hopefully be translated into more love and care to children.

《Fake Monk Prestage Interview》


《Fake Monk》

Singer 2018 EP10 华晨宇《假行僧》

《Ordinary Path》

Singer 2018 EP11 华晨宇《平凡之路》

《I Am What I Am》

Singer 2018 EP12 华晨宇《我》


Singer 2018 EP13 华晨宇《吶喊》

《Light Years Away​》

Hua Chenyu & GEM​ Singer 2018 EP13 华晨宇 邓紫棋《光年之外》


Hua Chenyu Singer 2018 华晨宇

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