Half a Lifelong Romance

华晨宇 半生緣

《Half a Lifelong Romance》was tailor-made for Karen Mok by Hua. After listening, it felt like watching a movie!

In 2015, Hua Chenyu wrote a song at home and named the demo "Karen Mok". The two had not met yet but he felt that she was the only suitable candidate for the song. They would meet a year later at the filming of "The Next", with Mok being pleasantly surprised by Hua's little shoutout to her character Bak Jing-jing in A Chinese Odyssey in the song "Great Sage Equal to Heaven". This is how their story began, with two awe-inspiring talents admiring each other on one stage.

Mok reached out to Hua in 2017 to write a song for her and he finally handed her the demo that was meant for her all along. She said that the song represents a special bond between them, they truly embody its essence of the "Half a Lifelong Romance". Written by a fated companion and featuring her signature profound and emotional vocals, this song wasincluded in Mok's 25th Anniversary album. Despite their half a lifelong age gap, they seem to have known each other for a lifetime in this unbreakable bond.



《Half a Lifelong Romance》Hua Chenyu and Karen Mok

华晨宇 莫文蔚 半生緣

《Half a Lifelong Romance》Hua Chenyu

华晨宇 莫文蔚 半生緣


《Half a Lifelong Romance》 半生緣 Composer: Hua Chenyu Lyricist: Francis Lee Producer: Arai Soichiro The second half broke away from the first half of life Life is a chain of losses Your beloved left without bidding farewell How long can a lifetime last? Hah~ Finally, you and I At this place, we met Finally, we did not just miss each other once more Doubt is tearing myself apart Life is an endless wasteland Whether you are there or not This my, my ordeal Finally, you and I At this place, we met Maybe you are my unfulfilled wish Finally, you and I Met at the mid-point of a lifetime Just so you and I can see Our truest side Ah~ There is no turning back and I have to move on Yet the half of a lifelong romance has become the eternity Translated by Hua Chenyu English Subs
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