2017/07/31-08/02 For three consecutive days, the 25 years old singer Hua Chenyu successfully held "Mars Concerts" in Shanghai Grand Stage, creating totaling 2.64 million people watch the live stream at the same time. Made the historical record of the number of online viewers in China! With nearly 72 hours of continuous frenzy, Hua Chenyu’s "Mars Concert" ended in Shanghai perfectly.


"火星撞到上海滩" 的话题刷屏了各大社交网站,伴随着近72个小时的持续狂热刷屏,华晨宇火星演唱会在上海完美落幕。

《Trailer》Hua Chenyu 2015 Mars Concert

《Full Version》

2015 Mars Concert Hua Chenyu


《River》Hua Chenyu, Mars Concert 2015/08/02


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