Working Diary


Working Diary EP1 2015/07/17
Story about Shanghai Mars Concert 2015 Press Conference
华晨宇粉丝制造 1 2015上海火星演唱会新闻发布会

Working Diary EP2 2015/07/24
Friends invited over for the recording are currently being interviewed
华晨宇粉丝制造 2 异类录制

Working Diary EP3 2015/07/31
Yang’s Fried Dumplings Song
华晨宇粉丝制造 3 撒娇吃小笼包

Working Diary EP4 2015/08/14
Choosing outfits for the Mars Concert
华晨宇粉丝制造 4 为火星演唱会定装

Working Diary EP5 2015/08/21
Hua Hua singing << The World Is A Zoo>> with Zuoli
华晨宇粉丝制造 5 左大爷演唱会嘉宾

Working Diary EP5 2015/08/28
华晨宇粉丝制造 6

Working Diary EP7 2015/09/11
I'm so happy to have the ice-cream
华晨宇粉丝制造 7 快乐吃冰淇淋

Working Diary EP8 2015/09/18
Eating hot dry noodles
华晨宇粉丝制造 8 吃热乾面

Working Diary EP9 2015/09/18
Recording of the last song - A song for the fans*
华晨宇粉丝制造 9 录制最後一首为粉丝而做的歌

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