"The Next" Season One


"The Next" (also known as "Sound of War") is a singing competition/show where anyone can challenge mature singers, and fight for dreams to reach the top. From the start of each episode, 7 ordinary people from all walks of life will choose a singer to challenge, and each singer warrior (singers) would choose to accept a single challenger. The song the challenger chose for the singer warrior will then be revealed, and the singer warrior must compete with their challenger by singing the chosen song. The singer warriors have 24 hours to rearrange to chosen songs, and after 24 hours, they will face their challengers on the stage of "The Next" with 400 audiences who would cast their votes to decide the winner. On average, the rearrangement of a song goes along the lines of choosing a style, composing a demo, rearranging, settling the music sheets, rehearsals, etc. This process usually takes 1 week, but in "The Next", the time is shortened to only 24 hours, with 4 singer warriors sharing one music band.

"The Next" Season One EP1 20161016

天籟之戰第一季 1

"The Next" Season One EP2 20161023

天籟之戰第一季 2

"The Next" Season One EP3 20101030

天籟之戰第一季 3

"The Next" Season One EP4 20161106

天籟之戰第一季 4

"The Next" Season One EP5 20161113

天籟之戰第一季 5

"The Next" Season One EP6 20161120

天籟之戰第一季 6

"The Next" Season One EP7 20161127

天籟之戰第一季 7

"The Next" Season One EP8 20161204

天籟之戰第一季 8

"The Next" Season One EP9 20161211

天籟之戰第一季 9

"The Next" Season One EP10 20161218

天籟之戰第一季 10

"The Next" Season One EP11 20161225

天籟之戰第一季 11

"The Next" Season One EP12 20170101

天籟之戰第一季 12

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