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Hua Chenyu Creates the New World with Music 華晨宇 音符創造新世界



Hua Chenyu's New World & New History 华晨宇 新世界 新历程

Behind the Scenes


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Hua Chenyu: In the Zone of Forgetting Oneself

In the ordinary world, he is the ashes of the universe coming to a wonderland land, Hua Chenyu put on sunglasses with a unique perspective. There he is the protagonist of fantasy, dressed in colorful outfits, with various decoration and the bizarre monsters traveling to Mars. In wonderland, would he be more mysterious?

Photos & videos fr In the beginning, the boy by the window is sitting on the rocking toy horse looking to the outside world. Inside, there is the alien. They are detached from each other. Signifying a separate self in two parts that are not talking to each other. Then The alien and the grown-up Hua sit together by the window. They are in talks with one another, alluding to a process of internal conversation between the two selves. In the TV, a Godzilla looms which signifies his fear. They are still contained inside of the house, meaning he is still refusing the outside world and has a lot of fears. However, by the window, he later leans towards Godzilla as if he is reconciling with his fears. He then walks out of the window, taking his alien side with him, composing. A little hamster runs into his world, which may signify the love he found in his heart. In the next scene, he conquers his fear and kills the Godzilla, and his alien, that underlying personality is gone. He is united as one person. The final scene is that he wakes up from a dream about all of these.om our travels.


Behind the Scenes


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Making Film

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