Philosopher Hua


Do whatever you want to do. If the environment doesn't allow you to act in this way, then find a state that you are the most comfortable within the situation. If you don't have to think then don't think; If you can eat, then eat; If you can sleep then sleep on the premise that you know about yourself and your surroundings well enough. In this way, you won't have too many worries. Take it easy!

If you are full of sunlight inside your heart, then nothing nor any rational can destroy you. If your heart is filled with darkness, then fears will keep on eroding you away.

A person in solitude is strong - The tinier you shrink the bigger the world you can perceive​

We can be ordinary, but we refused to be banal; We don't have to be successful, but we have to stride ahead; We can be questioned, but we must believe in ourselves.​

To my understanding, most people chase after happiness but what I am after is simply being worry-free.

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