Hua Chenyu


Welcome to the Martian Family! We are thrilled to have you on board and can’t wait for you to begin experiencing the magic power of Hua Chenyu’s innovative performances!

Hua Chenyu is one of the most amazing and influential artists in China today! His highly creative music draws you into his philosophical and surreal world that ignites one’s imagination and stimulates their senses.

His ever-growing collection of entrancing and entertaining music is rooted in philosophical concepts from many cultures around the world. Quasimodo, in his loneliness, hears the mourning eerie sounds of the giant whale. Tears fill the eyes of an alienated rebel as he gazes on the ephemeral mayfly. Sorrow is felt by the weary matador who has been pierced by the horns of an angry bull with blood dripping down his hands. Songs of Mars, space and aliens cause music lovers from around the world to flock to his concerts and fill tens of thousands of his seats every time.

In this new genre of Hua Chenyu music that is sweeping the world everything tilts into the unusual. The audience is taken on a dreamy journey that allows them to transcend reality and move into a special reality. His music explores the full spectrum of human emotions ranging from ardent passion to wonder and sorrow. The audience can become the giant deer that holds the blue planet in its arms or the god tree that stands observing the demise of all creatures on planet earth. His music is entrancing, full of emotion, and spellbinding.

In Hua Chenyu’s world of music, you will feel his feelings as he takes you on a journey within your own mind: romance, purity, holiness, depravity, insanity, darkness, beauty, and love.






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